Afghan Food History

The type of food served in Afghan cuisine is very unique to Central Asia and its neighbors on either side. It has been well-documented that the foods, tastes, and spices of Afghan food are a tasteful blend of the regions that surround Afghanistan.

The spices used in Afghan dishes are not spicy, but perfectly seasoned to appeal to the tastes of its neighbors both to the east and to the west. In fact, historically, travelers to Afghanistan have found the foods a perfect blend. Cooking and food has a very important role in Afghan culture. As I mentioned, Afghans are famous for their hospitality, and it is not uncommon for unexpected guests to show up at anyone's house only to be greeted with delicious, hot, and well-portioned meals straight from the kitchen to the dinner table.


The Real Taste of Afghanistan

Afghan people are known for their hospitality, so here at Afghan Kabab Fusion/Choopan Grill, customer satisfaction is our top priority. As an owner, I thank all of you for choosing Afghan Kabob Fusion/Choopan Grill...and don't forget my one simple rule: "If you don't love it, let me know, and if you do love it, let all of your family and friends know."

Afghan Kabob Fusion/Choopan Grill offers dinners, an array of succulent Afghan dishes. Enjoy the mysteries of Afghanistan’s delicately delicious Mantu (dumplings) topped with flavorful yogurts, lentil, mild ground meat sauce, and fresh mint leaves.

Savor the kabobs marinated with grated seasonings, broiled with onions and peppers, and served with brown rice and salad. You can also choose from our vegetarian selection, all cooked with fresh spices and herbs served with brown basmati rice, salad and bread.

Don’t forget to save room for dessert! Delight in a serving of firnee, a silky pudding sprinkled with pistachios and almonds or a tender sweet slice of baklava finished off with green tea. At Afghan Kabob Fusion/Choopan Grill Restaurant, experience the finest kabob in the Central New Jersey area. We are located at 1991 Route 27 South in Somerset between the Wawa and the Hidden Lake complex.


Boiled dumpling stuffed with scallions, topped with yogurt and chicken or beef.


Steamed dumpling stuffed with seasoned chicken or beef & topped with yogurt and chicken meat.


Fried turnover stuffed with seasoned mashed potatoes, scallion or pumpkin.